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How to Install Astrata Cup Holder

January 21, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

How to Install Astrata Cup Holder

The cup holder is a very convenient and necessary accessory to your walker or wheelchair. It allows you to hold your beverage steadily as you navigate your way around. Apart from being affordable, convenient and easy to use, cup holders give you a sense of safety as your hands are less distracted and you can focus on your walker.

So here’s how to install and use the cup holder instantly: 


To install your cup holder, below are the steps:
  1. Unpack all the contents of the box. You will find two stickers, two clamps, two long screws, a short screw and the cup holder.


  1. Position the sticker at the appropriate cup holder position for you. In case your sticker comes undone, don’t worry, the clamp will hold it in place.


  1. Next step is to place the clamp on the sticker. Make sure you place the dial on the outside and the smooth side on the inside of the walker.


  1. Insert the two long screws from the inside, and tighten with a screwdriver.


  1. Position the matching dial on the cup holder to that on the outside of your clamp, make sure the cup holder is straight.


  1. Insert the smaller screw on the other side and use a screwdriver to tighten it.


    You can place any beverage on your walker, different sizes and shapes and the cup holder is completely collapsible, a property which helps ensure your cup holder does not bump on surfaces and make it hard for you to move around. You can place your cup holder on your walker, wheelchair or rollator. It is easy to install and will be ready to use in no time.




    After this, your cup holder is secured and ready to use. You may collapse it and adjust it as needed without having to uninstall it. Enjoy the convenience of having your drink with you on the go. The versatility, stability and convenience of the cup holder makes it the ultimate must have!



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