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Wheelchair Accessories Designed to Improve your Mobility

February 25, 2020 3 min read

Wheelchair Accessories Designed to Improve your Mobility

wheelchair accessories designed to improve your mobility

Wheelchair accessories designed to improve your mobility 

Gone are the days of feeling uncomfortable in a wheelchair. Today, a lot of new accessories and wheelchair models are sprawling up. Modern wheelchairs and accessories are designed to give the user the freedom to move independently while providing comfort. 

Wheelchair accessories available today make the life of the wheelchair user easier. Here are some awesome wheelchair accessories you need to have to improve your mobility. 

1. Wheelchair cushions

Wheelchair Cushion

Photo Courtesy by Mobility Choices

Wheelchair cushions are designed with the user’s comfort in mind BUT there are times when it just doesn’t make the cut. Using a well-designed cushion can provide convenience to your bad back or for when you want to relieve yourself from sores. There are various wheelchair cushions, there are the popular EquaGel cushion and the ROHO air cushions which allow firmness. The right cushion is just out there! 

2. Wheelchair Armrest Covers

wheelchair covers

Photo Courtesy by ClineClovers

Sheepskin covers are one example of a wheelchair armrest cover and have a more comfortable experience. Sheepskin pads provide wheelchair users with long-term benefits like avoiding pressure sores which can develop from constant friction when using wheelchair armrests.

3. Trays 

 Wheelchair Tray

Photo Courtesy by Duro-Med

Wheelchair trays are the perfect addition to your wheelchair. You can write, eat, drink and stay busy. You can work and make projects while staying in your wheelchair. Trays are simple to use since you can simply attach them to your manual or power wheelchair.

4. Wheelchair ramps

Wheelchair Ramps

Photo Courtesy by Mabis DMI Health Care

Buying wheelchair ramps is a practical and cost-friendly solution that can help someone’s mobility. It allows wheelchair users to navigate safely in and outside their homes. As a wheelchair user, it can get frustrating having to use the long way especially when there’s a bump or an elevated platform.

Of course, there are various wheelchair ramps you can buy such as modular, pathway, custom and single fold. Keep in mind that these are lightweight ramps that carry high weight capacities that can support you and your wheelchair.

5. Wheelchair carrying case

Wheelchair Carrying Case

Photo Courtesy by Mobility Aids

It’s always important to know that the ultimate goal of a wheelchair user is to be as mobile and independent as possible. If you want to make your life a bit easier, you can consider buying a carry-on bag that can be custom-made for your wheelchair. Using your carrying case, you can put your daily necessities and have them at the tip of your hand.

6. Door openers

door opener

Photo Courtesy by 101 Mobility

Sometimes opening and closing doors can be complicated for wheelchair users even for those who have the upper body strength. An automatic door opener and motion sensor can do the job. Having an automatic door opener makes it more convenient when navigating around your house and answering your front door. 

 7. Hair washing tray

Hair Washing Tray

Photo Courtesy by King of Canes

For wheelchair users who lack mobility, taking a shower can be daunting. Luckily, you can use a hair washing tray while comfortably sitting in your wheelchair. It’s very easy to use. You can simply sit back up against the sink, fasten the tray strap and keep it firm. It’s just like having your hair done at the salon!

8. Wheelchair organizers

astrata wheelchair backpack and side bag

astrata wheelchair sidebag

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Wheelchair organizers attaché the inside of manual wheelchairs. It can attach to either inside or outside electric wheelchairs. You can keep all your personal belongings within reach. Wheelchair organizers come in various sizes--you can put small items like your key or large items such as your laptop.

9. Oxygen Tank Holders

oxygen tank holder

Photo Courtesy by NYOrtho

If you’re a wheelchair user and at the same time dependent on oxygen, then you know exactly the benefit of having oxygen tank holders. Oxygen tank holders are lightweight and small enough to be able to stow away in a small bag.

10. Cup Holder

cup holder

cup holdercup holder cup holder

Struggling put to your beverage in place? Worry no more! By having a cup holder in your wheelchair you’ll feel more relaxed knowing that your drink won’t spill. Astrata cup holder securely holds up any cup size up to 3.75” in diameter base. It’s foldable, so you can easily tuck it in when not in use. 

wheelchair cup holder

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