How to Install Astrata Rollator Bag with Cup Holder

Still worrying about spilling your drink and finding a place to put your things in one safe location?

Take a deep breath because we are making convenient for you with our rollator bag with cup holder. It is great and helpful for you not to worry and hassle your grip while carrying your drinks and bulky items!

And for sure, mounting your cup holder to your walker could be challenging if you don’t know where to put the parts exactly.

Before attaching the cup holder to your walker, let us make sure first we have the correct materials or tools. We need the following: 2 stickers, 2 clamps , 2 longer screws, 1 screw with a washer inserted to it, and a screw driver.

Now, let’s begin!

First step is to attach the one sticker onto the walker’s tube. Make sure that the sticker you put is the appropriate one. Use thinner-wider sticker for larger tube and utilize the fatter-smaller sticker for smaller one.

Secondly, begin to closely put together the two clamps on the side where you attached the sticker. After that, insert the two log screws to the clamps socket tightly until it perfectly fit using your screw driver.

Next is to put the cup holder with to the dile to the clamp using the screw with the washer inserted to it. Tighten the holding from the clamp to the cup holder using your screw driver.make sure it securely tight with no rattle on it.

And now, you are already set with your cup holder! So let’s take care of attaching the rollator bag to your wheelchair.

The first step you need to do is to lift the seat from your walker. Making sure that the belt tube is not faced with your rollator seat.

Next step is you need to put now Astrata rollator bag by placing it to the space out of the enclosed rectangular space formed from the walker bar.

And when you reach the edge of your rollator bag, frequently take the Velcro strap off each side of the rollator bag and attach it to the tube one at a time. There are a total of 6 straps with a button each that you could just close it tight onto the walker bar!


After doing so, you may now enjoy placing your books, jackets or even loads of stuff because our rollator bag is crafted with more space and made from sturdy material.

Finally, you are set to have a worry free, hands free and hassle free journey wherever you are!