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How To Choose The Best Rollator Or Walker

February 11, 2020 2 min read

How To Choose The Best Rollator Or Walker

how to choose the best rollator or walker

Mobility is very important regardless of your age. Towards old age, it is highly recommended for one to get a rollator or walker to ensure easy and comfort mobility. A good rollator or walker is one that helps relieve the lower body and offers stability ensuring effortless movement. It is imperative to consider each walker for what it can give you, below are some factors to consider when choosing a walker that’s best for you.


Types Of Walker


standard walker

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rolling walker

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Rollator Walker

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The four types of walkers are standard, rolling, rollator and folding. Standard walkers are more simple compared to the rest, but they require upper body strength to help you move. Rolling walkers are slightly less stable compared to standard walkers, but they have a set of wheels on the front legs which is generally more convenient and can help move around uneven services and make outdoor activities so much easier. Rollators are four-wheeled walkers which bring great convenience and can be paired with add on accessories such as a bag or seat. If you travel a lot or prefer your things nicely packed, consider foldable walkers as they are portable and convenient.




A good walker is one in which you can adjust to the required height. That way, anyone can reduce or increase the height of their walker accordingly. Adjustability is the quality of a great walker.

Add On Accessories

Underseat Bag

Walkers and rollators are made fun through the accessories. Your hands are already busy controlling the walker, you certainly do not need to hold your items. Add on accessories such as rollator bags and cup holders to make life easier for you.

underseat bag

Underseat Bag Blue


underseat bag with large cup holder

Large Under Seat Bag with Cup Holder



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