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Five Best Accessories For Your Walker And Rollator

March 11, 2020 3 min read

Five Best Accessories For Your Walker And Rollator

Being on a rollator or walker shouldn’t keep you from doing your everyday routine. Doing the groceries, shopping in malls, or even a pleasant stroll in the park with a rollator or walker is made even better by adding the accessories that best match your lifestyle. If you are looking for accessories that pair best with your moving aids, here are five of the best in the market that should make your life even better on your rollator and walker.


A cup holder for your mugs or tumblers

Cup holder

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You will never want to struggle to hold your hot chocolate mug while doing something else. A cup holder is pretty handy for those who are busy with their hands without getting spilled. Especially when you are wheeling your rollator, you’ll find it relieving to have your drink container right beside you without struggling to move with only one hand and a cup on the other.

A holder or fixture for your walking cane

cane holder

Photo courtesy of Rehab Mart Homecare

A cane is an extra hand when you want to stand up for a while or move at shorter distances without using your wheelchair. It is also an excellent aid when moving to the driver seat after placing the rollator in the car trunk. However, It is uncomfortable to always have your cane on your hand while you’re moving your rollator or walker.  Thus, a cane holder would help you have your walking rod without the need to hold it all day while you’re on the walker.

Mobility light system for safety

mobiltiy light

Photo courtesy of Drive Medical

Better lighting keeps any rollator or walker user safe even when they’re using it at night or in dark places. Many mobility device users experience falling or tripping over because of poor lighting. Having a light system installed in your walker or rollator gives you ample illumination to keep your paths visible and avoid getting tripped over anything again. Mobility lights can also be attached to canes as well. Motion sensors and brightness controls are excellent upgrades to it as well.

Rollator basket or bag holder


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A container for your purse, your shopping bag, or even your books will surely be a great addition to your walker or rollator. It is a need for any mobility device users to have storage to all their essentials, carry-ons, and anything they want to bring with them wherever they go. A rollator basket is excellent when you do your weekly groceries or shopping at malls. A bag hook or purse holder is functional for those who are bringing their totes or shoulder bags with them.

A pocket for your cell phone

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A phone pocket is a great and accessible storage for your phone. It also allows you to keep it in place while you’re moving your rollator or walker. It is an essential accessory for one who always has their phones and wants to keep them in more accessible storage.


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