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5 Best Rollator Accessories

March 03, 2020 1 min read

5 Best Rollator Accessories

1. Cup holder

Astrata Rollatr Cup Holder
Strolling with a cup on your hand is unimaginable when you need two hands on the rollator handles to enable you to balance. A Cup Holder permits you to walk securely with two hands on your rollator without agonizing over spilling your drink. One you are on an even surface, you can reach down and grab your beverage.

2. Side bags and organizer

Astrata Cup Holder, Side Bag and Under Seat
The Astrata Side Bag is one of the best accessory to add to your rollator. It allows you to have more space whilst ensuring your mobility. Now, you don’t have to worry about where you can keep your valuables. 

3. Mobility Light

Mobility Light
Photo courtesy by
Add a mobility light to make sure that you are safe. Proper lighting is important because without it a person might end up stepping in a hole, tripping over a rock or missing a step and falling. Walk confidently with more visibility. 

4. Cane holder

cane holder
photo courtesy by NOVA Medical Products
Using a cane can be more practical because of its smaller size and easier mobility. Having a cane holder can also be useful especially with establishments that do not have handicap doors and perhaps may be even too small for a rollator.

5. Underseat Bag

Astrta Underset Bag
This is a functional Underseat Bag that allows you to put both large and small items. It’s usually built with lightweight materials yet provides a sturdy built that can make you feel at ease knowing that your items are safely secured. This is a good alternative for wire baskets.